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In 2017, ADBC underwent a stable growth of its asset size, continued to increase its credit investment, achieved a steady increase of low-cost deposits, recorded higher year-on-year debt issuance costs, maintained the quality of assets at a satisfactory level, and saw steady growth in net profit.

Highly focused on our founding mission and main tasks, we centred on the development of “agriculture, farmers and rural areas”, and provided support for the development of  weak    links and underdeveloped regions, and further stepped up the credit support for agricultural businesses. Focused on China’s food security strategy, we enhanced our assistance in the targeted poverty alleviation programs, proactively supported agricultural modernization and the modernization of the rural areas by leveraging our role in strategic support. With such effort,  we contributed to improve the general development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and established a solid foundation for the rural revitalization strategy by  providing quality service. In 2017, ADBC granted an aggregate RMB1.56 trillion of loans, with a total loan balance of RMB4.66 trillion at the end of 2017, representing an increase of RMB561.4 billion compared to the beginning of the year.

In 2017, following the working principle of “seeking to improve while maintaining stability, strictly controlling risks, enhancing compliance and carrying out refined management”, ADBC made steady progress and achieved remarkable results in different areas of its investment businesses such as funding for key construction projects, intermediary business, investment banking, asset management, and equity business.

International business:In 2017, ADBC handled an aggregated total of 47,872 international settlements that valued a total of USD10.631 billion. In the same year, our trade finance business valued to USD1.48 billion; and revenues from foreign exchange business were RMB 120 million.

As of end of 2017, ADBC has established 120 managing outlets to deal with foreign exchange business, with one new addition since the beginning of the year. ADBC granted “Star” grade accreditation to 27 managing outlets based on the “Star” grade accreditation system for managing outlets. ADBC at present owns 533 correspondent banks in and out of China covering 69 countries and regions.

ADBC raised funds through multiple means by leveraging financial bonds as the chief fund-raising channel, and supplemented by other means including re-lending from PBOC and pledged supplementary lending (PSL), and deposits, fiscal subsidies, inter-bank borrowing, bond repurchase,note transaction and bond investment, etc. Our corporate credit rating is at par with the China's sovereign credit rating.

In 2017, the Bank raised a  total of  RMB1.51 trillion, providing powerful support for all areas  of business development. As of end of 2017, interest-bearing liabilities of the Bank totaled RMB5.97 trillion, representing an increase by 10.50% or RMB0.57 trillion as compared with that at the beginning of the year. All in all throughout 2017, funds made available totaled RMB5.27 trillion, representing a year-on-year decrease of RMB0.85 trillion.

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